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Welcome to Spiritual Coach Parshant Sharma

Mr. Parshant Sharma is a leading Ludhiana based Astrologer, Numerologist, Vastu Expert and Healer. He is in this field since last 15+ years and has got huge client base from different fields’ viz. Professionals, Corporate Executives, Businessmen, Students, Politics and Industries. With experience having more than 15+ years of experience in Astrology, Vastu and Healing he has helped many with success, prosperity, health, and regular dealings in their lives.

Mr. Parshant goes to the depths of his remarkable astrological skills to understand the individual, their guiding forces, their dreams and desires, their shortcomings and their potential. His expertise in astrology has culminated into his conducting extensive research on Vedic Astrology. With this profound understanding of Astrology, Vastu & Healing he is able to liberate the person through the freedom of understanding oneself better. His motivational and inspiring insights have changed the lives of thousands who are eternally grateful.

“Predicting one’s future is not an easy task, only the Experts can do it because it requires extreme proficiency”

His Dynamic and Engaging Personality, Guidance, Uplifting Examples, Honest and Accurate approach has made him into a household name. His ability to determine the effect of the positions of various planets on your well-being is the answer you are searching for. He is an expert Astrologer and such a Scholar who has proved his authenticity, by providing the beneficial solution to his clients making him the best Astrologer to reach out at your locality. His simple and effective remedies as gained him popularity and are been a ray of hope for many lives. He believes that whatever goes around comes around. Through your daily Prayers, Meditation, Positive Approach & Charity one can make all the difference to live a happier life. He believes that Life is a Journey & Astrology can Guide You to Reach Your Destination.

His elegance of understanding the planetary position and their influence in human’s life is purely methodical which entices the present generation as it links with their ‘logical’ thinking. Today, not only from India but people from across the globe contact him to get the solutions for difficulties related to their Business, Health, Career, Family relations etc. Besides his Astrology qualifications, he also has good academic qualification and experience in corporate world. He has completed his MBA in Marketing & Human Resources.

His main aim is to touch lives of many, hoping to bring bliss and success to them either through his deep expertise in the field of Astrology or through his philanthropy oriented work. He also sought to overcome the cliché philosophies in society about astrology. He does not give just the answer of problems but also explains the rational & scientific joining of it. So why wait and keep worrying about the problems that you are still facing in your life. Let your life also enjoy this era of experience & knowing the future with this scientific skill of Astrology, Vastu and Healing.

Welcome to Parshant Sharma Astrologer, where ancient wisdom meets modern solutions. Our mission is to help individuals harness the power of astrology to lead happier, healthier, and more prosperous lives.

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