Vastu for Marriage Palaces


Vastu for Marriage Palaces

In Vastu Shastra for marriage palaces, the overall design and arrangement are guided by principles aimed at creating a positive and harmonious environment. The location of the marriage palace is crucial, preferably situated in the northeast or northwest direction, with the entrance facing north or east for optimal energy flow. The main marriage hall should be centrally placed, and seating arrangements for guests should be oriented towards the east or north. The mandap or stage where wedding ceremonies take place is typically positioned in the west or southwest direction, with the bride and groom facing east during the ceremony. Colors play a significant role, favoring light and soothing tones for interiors, while lighting should be ample and preferably natural.

The pooja or prayer area is ideally located in the northeast, and religious ceremonies can enhance positive vibrations. The dining area may find its place in the northwest, and the kitchen is best situated in the southeast. Water features like fountains or ponds are considered auspicious in the northeast, while toilets are recommended in the northwest or west. Pathways and aisles should be clear and well-lit, and storage areas organized in the southwest or west. Irregular shapes in construction and avoiding heavy items in the central part of the venue are also advisable. Consulting a Vastu expert for personalized guidance based on specific site characteristics is recommended, considering that these principles are general guidelines subject to site-specific variations and cultural preferences.

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