Vastu for Garden in Home


Vastu for Garden in Home

In Vastu Shastra, the garden within a home holds a special significance as it plays a vital role in promoting positive energy and well-being. It is advisable to position the garden in the north or northeast part of the property, harnessing the auspicious energies associated with these directions. A regular-shaped garden, preferably square or rectangular, is considered harmonious in Vastu. Fruit-bearing trees, especially in the northeast or east, are believed to bring prosperity. Care should be taken to avoid planting tall trees in the center of the garden, allowing the free flow of positive energy. Including a water element, such as a small pond or fountain in the northeast or east, further enhances the Vastu-compliant design, fostering a serene and balanced atmosphere within the home. Following these guidelines is thought to contribute to the overall positive vibrations and well-being of the household.

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