Vastu for Pooja Room


Vastu for Pooja Room

In Vastu Shastra, the pooja room, or sacred space for prayer and meditation, is accorded special significance. Ideally, the pooja room should be located in the northeast corner of the house, as this direction is associated with positive energy and conducive to spiritual activities. The idols or images of deities should face either the east or the west, and it is recommended to avoid placing the pooja room under a staircase. The room should be kept clean, well-lit, and free from clutter, fostering a tranquil environment for spiritual practices. White or light yellow is often recommended as the predominant color for the pooja room, symbolizing purity and devotion. Incorporating sacred symbols and using natural materials for construction are also common practices to enhance the sanctity of the space. Following Vastu guidelines for the pooja room is believed to promote spiritual well-being and positive energy flow within the home.

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