Frequency Healing


Frequency Healing

Frequency therapy involves introducing low-level currents into the body to restore cell voltage to a healthy range, accomplished by applying specific frequencies. This approach is also known as "frequency therapy" and relies on Nuno Nina's extensive experience and theory of which frequencies are effective for various diseases.

Understanding the Body's Atomic Nature

The human body is primarily composed of atoms, with 99% of each atom being empty space referred to as "wave." Atoms emit and absorb light and energy constantly. Each cell in the body functions like a tiny battery, generating a voltage potential between the cell's interior and exterior. This voltage is vital for healthy cell metabolism and amounts to 700 trillion volts of electricity in the body. The unique frequency and vibration of each atom influence how they interact, either harmoniously or adversely, similar to how people can sync or fall out of sync with each other.

Importance of Healthy Cells

The human body comprises around 70 trillion cells, with each cell sharing the same blueprint stored in DNA. This blueprint encompasses all the body's cells, with each cell holding a data memory of approximately 3 gigabytes. While a small portion of this

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