Vastu For Kitchen


"Harmony and Prosperity: Vastu Tips for Your Home Kitchen"

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, where nourishment and sustenance are prepared. In Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural philosophy, the kitchen holds a special place as it is believed to influence the overall well-being, health, and prosperity of the household. To create a kitchen that resonates with positive energy, consider these Vastu tips:

  • Ideal Location: The southeast corner of your home is considered the most auspicious location for the kitchen. This is believed to enhance positivity, health, and prosperity in your life. If the southeast is not feasible, the northwest corner can also be considered. Avoid placing the kitchen in the northeast or southwest corners, as these are considered inauspicious.
  • Cooking Direction: When cooking, ensure that you face east, as it is considered the most favorable direction for preparing food. If east is not possible, south is the second-best direction. Cooking while facing north or west is best avoided.
  • Stove Placement: The stove represents the heart of the kitchen. It should be positioned in the southeast corner of the kitchen. This is said to bring about positive energy and prosperity. Keep the stove away from the northern and eastern walls, as this can hinder its effectiveness.
  • Kitchen Entrance: The entrance to the kitchen should ideally be in the east or north direction. These entrances are believed to attract positive energy and prosperity. It is advisable to avoid a kitchen entrance in the southwest corner.
  • Storage: Arrange storage for grains, pulses, and heavy items in the western or southern part of the kitchen. Lighter items, like spices and utensils, can be stored in the eastern or northern part. This balance is thought to promote prosperity and harmony.
  • Sink Placement: Place the sink in the northeast or north direction of the kitchen. Proper positioning of the sink is said to maintain the flow of positive energy in your home.
  • Colors and Design: Choose bright and light colors for your kitchen. These colors are believed to create a positive and energetic atmosphere. Avoid using dark and dull colors, as they may affect the overall vibe of your kitchen.
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