Horary Astrology


Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology, known as Prashna Marg in the realm of Indian Astrology, holds a position of great significance. In many instances, the Horary Astrology Chart surpasses the Natal Astrology chart in terms of its relevance in predicting a native's current circumstances. Horary Astrology proves to be a valuable tool for accurately addressing the myriad challenges we encounter in our daily lives. When making judgments based on a Natal Horoscope, incorporating a Horary chart into the analysis enhances the precision and accuracy of predictions.

The pivotal point in Horary Astrology is the moment of the "prashna" or query. When an individual faces a problem and seeks its solution, it signifies the birth of a prashna. The instant they express their concern to an astrologer, this initiates the creation of the prashna, and the chart erected at that specific time holds the key to providing a precise response to their inquiry. This principle is rooted in divine law and has been validated through practical examination of numerous charts.

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