Vastu for Showrooms


Vastu for Showrooms

In Vastu for showrooms, strategic considerations aim to create a positive and prosperous ambiance. The ideal location situates the showroom in a commercial area with entrances facing north or east for positive energy flow. The layout emphasizes spaciousness, with organized displays to prevent clutter and facilitate easy customer movement. Cash counters are recommended in the southeast, avoiding direct alignment with the entrance. Products should be arranged systematically, with vibrant colors enhancing the showroom's liveliness while avoiding dark hues. Adequate lighting, a mix of natural and artificial, is essential to showcase products effectively. Displays facing north or east attract positive energy, and staff workstations can be positioned in the northwest. Ensuring a harmonious balance in these aspects, while avoiding the placement of heavy items in the center, contributes to a Vastu-compliant and welcoming showroom environment.

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