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In recent times, there has been a significant surge in awareness and interest in Vaastu, not only within India but also around the globe. The profound impact of Vaastu on the construction of hospital complexes is increasingly recognized as a means of alleviating people's suffering.

Creating a hospital structure that facilitates the swift recovery of patients while fostering a positive ambiance has become a pivotal consideration. Unfortunately, in many cases, hospitals are constructed without due regard for essential factors like direction, location, and typography. This oversight often results in delayed recoveries and various challenges.

Designing a hospital layout in accordance with Vaastu norms is of utmost importance, especially considering the diverse specialties and functions within a medical facility. To ensure a holistic and comfortable environment, hospitals, clinics, or medical centers should incorporate natural elements such as water features, abundant natural light, lush landscaping, healing artwork, and more. Research from Kansas State University even suggests that the presence of plants in hospital rooms can expedite the recovery rates of surgical patients.

Vaastu-compliant hospitals, guided by essential principles and precise norms, stand out in providing optimal care and results. Our comprehensive services cover various aspects, including the building's orientation, the hospital's location, the placement of beams and pillars, the direction and location of entrances, and the layout of different zones like patient rooms, emergency areas, operation theaters, medical equipment rooms, pharmacy sections, recovery wards, ICU facilities, maternity rooms, and more. Additionally, we consider factors like the placement of elevators, overhead water tanks, administrative blocks, electrical equipment areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and parking spaces. Furthermore, we advise on selecting suitable color schemes in line with Vaastu norms to create a harmonious and healing environment within the hospital complex.

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