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VAASTU for Factories and Industries"

Applying Vaastu principles to factories and industrial settings can be a complex undertaking due to the unique challenges posed by industrial processes and layouts. The different functions, tasks, and processes within a factory are often influenced by various planets and zones, and aligning them with the factory's layout can be a daunting task.

Achieving all-encompassing contentment, which includes factors like wealth, health, peace, employee satisfaction, and labor harmony, within a well-structured factory or industry is a formidable objective. The pivotal factor influencing success is the choice of the factory's location. Every business aims for profitability, and adhering to the principles of Nature, as advocated by Vaastu, can significantly contribute to this goal. Vaastu plays a crucial role in identifying site-related issues through a meticulous analysis, offering precise remedies to rectify them.

Vaastu Shastra emphasizes that constructing a factory in accordance with its principles can attract substantial profits while averting losses and mishaps. When building factories, it is advisable to safeguard them against Vaastu defects, which can potentially impede future progress. Our services include assessing the location of beams and pillars, the factory's placement in relation to neighboring structures and roads, the orientation of the building, the positioning of the entrance, and the arrangement of various zones, such as windows, rooms, furniture, lifts, overhead water tanks, heavy and light machinery, and electrical equipment like generators and electric panels. By addressing these aspects, we aim to ensure that the principles of Vaastu are in alignment with the industrial setting, facilitating a conducive environment for success.

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