Kundli Match Making


Kundli Match Making

What is Kundli Match Making?

Marriage represents a pivotal milestone in the lives of two individuals and their families. This profound union intertwines two souls, binding them for a lifetime and beyond. It signifies a fresh start, an inception that individuals eagerly anticipate as they reach an age where they feel prepared for this lifelong commitment. Preceding a marriage, we often witness various ceremonies and rituals taking place, some initiated quite early in the process. Many families, when considering their children's matrimony, turn to the practice of matching their comprehensive birth charts to determine the compatibility of their astrological stars.

Kundli matching, also known as horoscope matching, plays a crucial role in the union of a couple before marriage. Within Vedic Astrology, two primary matching systems, Ashtakoot and Dashtakoot, hold prominence. This practice highlights how celestial bodies influence married life and suggests potential remedies to address any unfavorable planetary combinations, thereby ensuring a joyous and prosperous married life.

Importance of Kundli Match Making

Astrology is a unique tool that allows us to glimpse into the future and assess one's married life. Therefore, Kundli Milan is crucial for a happy marriage. When done correctly and with attention to the auspicious marriage timing according to both the boy and girl's horoscopes, it can help prevent many marital issues.

Note: Nowadays, Kundli Milan often focuses solely on matching "Gunas," which is inadequate. Little consideration is given to the planetary placements and the formation of positive and negative combinations in both horoscopes related to married life. The general practice is to approve a marriage if 18 Gunas match and reject it if fewer than 18 Gunas align. However, numerous examples exist where marriages with 30 matching Gunas end in divorce, while those with fewer than 12 Gunas thrive. The fault lies not with astrology but with those who prioritize Gunas over planetary positions and combinations.

Sometimes, parents are at fault for altering the date and time of their child's birth. In the modern world, the younger generation relies on computer software to match Gunas and make hasty decisions. If you believe in this shallow approach to match-making, Kundli Milan loses its value. After marriage, when problems arise, people often blame astrology, stating they matched the horoscopes initially. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." It is our responsibility to consult experts with in-depth knowledge of Kundli Milan and astrology to ensure a harmonious married life, especially for those whose horoscopes suggest potential issues.

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